Some dry bulk materials during loading and unloading Big bag can cause static electricity causing electrostatic discharge. In the meantime, flammable and explosive gases in the atmosphere, in cases where the bag does not have the necessary equipment and properly grounded may result in an explosion.

This is to avoid any possible danger, loading and unloading operations can be grounded to maintain seamless Big Bag Type C model is used. Type C big bag at any point in the ground resistance on the lifting column, including big bag produced from 108 W to less than the body fabric. 

Such big bag if they are grounded to dust, gases or vapors to ignite due to the possibility that is suitable for use in the environment. Big bag of this type conductivity in the weft and in the warp direction is provided by the carbon ropes positioned at regular intervals. Silver threads are used instead of carbon to ensure that the conductivity of the material to be filled with food, if appropriate. 

Type C Big bag s body, optionally substituted straight or hose-woven fabric can be laminated or unlaminated. According to the fineness of the material to be filled in stitches dustproof types are available. Where said big bag of waterproof P conductive carbon used for the inner bag. The inner layer of the bag is manufactured with a material suited for food.