Q-Bags are constructed in a form with panels inside which provides the bag to keep its cube shape even after filling. Such as provided by intermediate panel to easily spread in all corners of the filling material ensures the protection of the shape of cube bag. Thanks to cube shapes Q-Bags cover less space during storage and reduce transport costs up to 30%. 
Gambo Bag 's are used for the same purpose, but has a slightly different structure from Q-bag. Gambo Bag has a cube shape that provided by an inner layer which can not be seen from outside. This layer provides the bag to retrieve and keep its ideal shape. If we compare Gambo bag to Q-Bag, it has 2 major advantages; better protection against spillage and leakage and keep its shape unchanged after filling. Gambo design B.V. by a patent. 
These special design inner layers help the loading material to fill each and every corner in the bag. The horizontally woven ropes, unlike the traditional inner layers, provide much more better storage conditions, also prevent any leakage from the bag. 
Vega Packing  designs different sizes of such bags in accordance with your Q-bag needs.