Static electricity is an electrical charge generated on the object, filling or discharge of such use on the big bag during a static electricity build-up occurs and the ground or remain until neutralized by other methods. Could cause an explosion for certain types of filling materials are dangerous situation. 

We categorize as follows in terms of static electricity safety of our big bag this regard is crucial.
• TYPE A which do not need a special static neutralization measures are big bag line.
• TYPE B does not have any ability to neutralize the static surface tension of the fabric used but 4 kV is small.
• TYPE C This big bag is made from woven fabric with conductive thread has been specially designed and ultimately big bag of conductivity is less than 108 ohms. Deposited on the big bag is collected by means of static electricity conductive yarns and grounding emptied.
• TYPE D neutralizes this big bag anti-static electricity buildup on line without grounding.

Type D big bag disable operator errors with practical use, has proved to be the safest type of model. Type D fabric that make up the big bag thanks to the construction of s energy into the atmosphere without the need for grounding. Bulk packaging in without grounding, static, protective developed to address the need for a solution. Today, worldwide, over 500 major companies, static electricity, which is a problem, they prefer these products for the packaging of bulk.