Our Certificates

Our quality policy

Our Quality and Food(Product) Safety Policy     
Our company is aware of the legal requirements and in accordance with these requirements,
can fulfill all applicable requirements,

To ensure the continuity of the products and services that best meet the expectations of our customers,
To ensure high quality and high performance workflows,

Improving employee competencies and education levels
To provide continuous improvement by following the process with performance measurements,

All products and services we purchase are fully compatible with food safety and customer requirements
Effective Quality Management System will be provided on behalf of our suppliers.

ISO 9001/22000 system requirements and BRC IOP Global Packaging and Packaging Materials
Establishment of systems to meet all necessary requirements

100% food safety and customer satisfaction combined with the implementation of the Quality System in the whole enterprise.

Supported by measurable goals through continuous improvement, development and review
Maximize its position in the Big Bag sector
We understand that all our staff understands, supports and implements VEGA PACKING's Quality Policy.
                                                                    GENERAL MANAGER