About us

VEGA PACKAGING is manufacturing FIBCs (Big Bags) in accordance with “ BRC Global Packaging Standard  6 th version, Food Safety Management System” since 2014 in its own facility located in Sultanbeyli, Istanbul. VEGA PACKAGING is certified by “ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System” and “ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System and finally the HALAL Packaging Standard ” for Production, Cut, Planting, Printing and Sales of Big Bag. As a young and dynamic company, with wide range of Big Bag models, VEGA PACKAGING’s aim is to establish a good and long term business relations with its customers, meanwhile provide them an excellent service. Currently VEGA PACKING exports 75% of its production to Europe while the rest 25% are sold in the domestic market.


Our mission is to create a sustainable value in its sector by establishing economical and cultural bridges..


Our vision is to provide quality products and services with an energetic and innovative spirit to our customers and become well known and preferred company.


We aim “Quality” in all levels of our commercial life and production phase, values our customers’ and employers’, produces within the requested time, complies with the rules and regulations, hence we consider being a trustworthy and long lasting company in the sector.


Our environmental policy is; to obey the rules and regulations in order to protect and to sustain the environment, to create an environmental awareness and consciousness to our employers. The main items of our policy are:
- Pay maximum attention the usage of water, energy, fuel and other natural resources.
- Try and make studies to increase our customers’ environmental responsibility with our employers.
- Protect environment and be a positive and good example for the other companies in the sector during production of FIBCs.


VEGA PACKING always considers its employers’ security and safety in the first place. Knowing all the work accidents are preventable, we create&supply the necessary and required conditions, plus precautions for our employers. Occupational health and safety educations are given to our employers in order to create awareness. Also occupational health and safety regulations are strictly followed by our company and employers.

Good Production Applictions Policy    

Identify physical, chemical and biological food safety hazards at every stage of the products
Clean-healthy and safe products; physical, chemical and microbiological contamination
to guarantee our customers by securing food with periodic analysis.
Periodic health examinations of the personnel are carried out.
to send them to the institution, if necessary, not to put them into production areas until they improve.


The precautions taken by our company in COVID-19 and similar infectious diseases and ways of protection;

    ■ Provides necessary disinfection, protective clothing and equipment, disinfectant, cleaning equipment (soap, water, etc.) to workers, customers and visitors. Measures temperature at inputs and outputs.

    ■ Encourages workers to stay home if they are sick and to isolate and protect themselves.

    ■ In cases where necessary units and local health authorities suggest the use of social distancing strategies; By creating alternative days or extra shifts that reduce the total number of employees at a given time, it keeps them away from each other while maintaining a full working week.

    ■ It provides protection by dividing it into sections (2mt) by observing the social distance rule in the lunch break, tea times, changing rooms. Whenever possible, it prevents workers from using other employees' phones, desks, offices or other work tools and equipment.

    ■ Include in the plan the routine cleaning and disinfection of personnel services, contact surfaces (counter, table, armature, door handles), equipment and other elements of the work environment.

    ■ The use of protective equipment (mask, gloves) makes it mandatory by providing personnel with hygiene training. Always notify employees to wash their hands when visibly soiled and after removing any PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Post hand washing instructions (images) on toilets and sinks.

Not allowed to enter the production areas without oversize and without caps, clean aprons and caps
use the hair and ear to completely close. No jewelry when working in production area
not use, not makeup.
Work clothes are worn in dressing rooms outside the production space reserved for personnel. They come from outside
Dirty clothes and cabinets of clean work clothes are provided separately.
The company does not go out of business with clothes. The staff is on the job dressed as a business suit.
garments are provided to be replaced immediately with any contamination.
Not to smoke and eat in production areas. Hanging warning signs
to ensure that visitors comply with this rule. Smoking and eating only in designated areas
eat. Not to carry cigarette pack, cigarette lighter, match and food in pockets in production area.
According to the size of the wound in the event of any injury referred to the health institution or required
the use of blue colored band-aid on the part of staff
and to confirm the presence by showing to the responsible person at the operating exit.
Do not insert glass, porcelain ware and operating windows into the production area. Fragile
to provide the use of plastics with periodic control. Wood material in production environment
To use.
The existing glass and frangible plastic materials and metal equipment are protected. Using the
is regularly checked if necessary.
Providing low-level scissors for personnel with the need for cutting tools
numbering Used scissors to check damaged scissors
exchange Staff during the orientation training, scissors and cutting tools in the production area
to give information about the use of stimulants.
Checking the needles used in sewing machines and delivering them to the maintenance department of damaged needles


VEGA PACKING AMBALAJ SAN. Ve DIŞ TİC.A.Ş. aims to produce halal products using halal raw materials in accordance with the principles of Quality and Food (Product) Safety, and to be a company that is sensitive and responsible for customer expectations regarding halal products.

For this purpose, our halal bg bag production policy:

  • With the support and participation of all our employees and suppliers,
  • Aware of sustainability social responsibility, with an environmentally sensitive approach,
  • Together with our business partners and customers, using inputs that are sure to be halal,
  • By applying Quality and Food (Product) Safety systems and Halal requirements and constantly improving,
  • Situations with halal risk will be eliminated and our products will be halal food (product) ensuring that it is produced in accordance with its safety,
  • By constantly reviewing all our processes from our suppliers to our consumers,
  • Aiming to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of the employees,
  • By standing at an equal distance to all persons and organizations within the framework of ethical principles,
  • By working in line with the expectations of current and potential customers in the domestic and foreign markets,
  • Acting in accordance with national and international regulations with the awareness of customer-oriented work,
  • It is responsible for producing high quality, delicious, healthy and reliable halal products using advanced technologies.